Do you like to bond with your family by going to the beach? If yes, then head over to Kembali Coast Samal Island Resort. It is an exclusive enclave with forested areas and great ambiance for the whole family.

Kembali Coast Samal Island, Rayfelk
Kembali Coast Samal island

What is Kembali Coast and Where it is Located

Kembali Coast is a high-end residential subdivision that offer lot properties with huge sizes, from 750-100 sqm. Aside from that, there is also a residential condominium in the area.

Investors got a lot and constructed houses for rent or vacation house rentals at Kembali Coast which they are now renting out for short or overnight stays.

Kemabali Coast is located at Kaputian, Island Garden City of Samal.

Kembali Coast Beach Samal  Island, Rayfelk
Kembali Coast Beach Resort Samal

How to go to Kembali Coast

There are several ways to go to Kembali Coast.

The most comfortable is by using a private vehicle. If you are coming from Davao City, drive yourself to Sasa wharf where you can ride a ferry. Vehicle fee depends on the kind of vehicle that you are using.

Once you land in Samal Island, head to Kaputian in Samal Island, approximately 45 minutes drive to Kembali Coast.

If you are taking public transport, ride a jeepney from Davao City to Sasa and then ride the ferry boat. Once you are already in Samal Island, you can hire a single motor called habal-habal or you may opt for a tricycle to take you to Kembali Coast.

But the most common means of transportation in the area is the single motor. Fare depends on how you haggle with the driver.

In our case, we hired a van that can accomodate 15 of us as we find it more economical that way.

Another option in going to Kembali Coast is via a boat from Davao Boat and Leisure Club. It will only take approximately 20 minutes to take you to the white sand beach of Kembali Coast. Davao Boat and Leisure Club is located at Lanang Aplaya, Brangay Vicente Hizon, Davao City.

Reasons to Choose Kembali Coast for a Family Getaway

1. Not Crowded

One of the criteria that we look into when we plan a family getaway is that it should not be crowded.

It is nice to relax and bond together in a place that is kind of secluded and not much noise and people around, the very reason why we escape a little while from the city.

This is especially true when you have little kiddies with you to look out for.

Lovely Pool and Amenities

Kembali Coast Clubhouse, Rayfelk
Kembali Coast Samal Clubhouse

Kembali Coast has one of the nicest swimming pools in Samal Island. It is so instagram-worthy and really lovely.

It is also good to note that they have a stand-by life guard in the area. The pool is just a walk away from the Balinese-inspired clubhouse.

Fresh Air

Since it is a beachfront, you get to enjoy fresh air. The huge and abundant trees from the area adds to the gentle breeze that is so cool and relaxing.

Kemali Coast Samal island
View from our rental house at Kembali Coast Samal

Clean, clear lovely beach water away from Pollution

Some areas in Samal are unfortunately not the cleanest especially those that are near residential areas.

Kembali Coast is far away from residential settlements and located in a somewhat remote and secluded place so water at the beach is clean and lovely.

You can do Lots of Leisure Activities

Kembali Coast Samal Island
Kayaking at Kembali Coast Samal Island

There are numerous leisure activities you can do at Kembali Coast. You can do picnic at the seashore. Moreover, you can do beach volleyball, snorkeling and kayaking.

There is a kayak in the area that are for rent.

Secure and gated community with 24/7 guard on duty

Another plus factor of Kembali Coast is that it is a secured, gated community. So you are assured of your security while staying in the area.

Kembali Samal
Well-manicured pocket gardens at Kembali Coast Samal

Where to Stay in Kembali Coast

There are various house rentals in Kembali Coast that you and your whole family can stay.

There are plenty of house for rent for short term stay in Kembali Cost in Samal Island.

Kembali Coast Samal House Rental

In our case, we rented a house that can accommodate 15 pax. This is enough number for us.

It is a 3-storey duplex house and we stayed in one side of the duplex.

The house is huge enough to accommodate us. In the ground floor, there is a living area that overlooks the sea, There is also a kitchen area and dining area and a toilet and bath.

At the second floor are 2 big air-conditioned rooms. There is also a toilet and bath with bathtub.

There is an attic at the third floor that you can also use for sleeping. adjacent to it is a roof deck that provides a lovely overlooking view of the ocean and the surrounding trees.

Bring your own food and cook your own food

Since it is a vacation rental house, you can bring your own food with no corkage andd you can also cook your own food.

They provide a burner where you can cook your food. They also have basic utensils and kitchen wares that you may use, tacked in the kitchen cabinets.

Swimming Pool Use at kembali Coast Samal Island

Kembali Coast Swimming Pool
Kembali Coast Swimming Pool

If you want to go swimming at the pool, you will have to pay 200/person as it is not part of the package of the house rental.

However, it is so with it as the swimming pool is not that crowded especially if you go there not on weekends which is the usual peak season for beach getaways.

We celebrated the birthday of my niece in this family getaway. So we brought with us lots of food and we also cook some.

Having a family getaway at Kembali Coast Samal Island is indeed a fun and memorable experience.

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