Today, we are going to learn how to have a DIY endless supply of green onions.  Green onions , also known as scallions add flavor to your food and it adds the good aroma to your cooking.

Ways to Grow Scallions

There are several ways to grow scallions.  You can grow it through hydroponics and you can plant it in a pot or directly to the soil in your backyard.

Growing scallions through hydroponics 

When you buy scallions in the supermarket, it is usually accompanied with its roots.  Cut the onion bulbs, leaving the portion with attached roots behind.  Regrow that portion where there are roots.  Put it in a jar with water.  Keep the roots wet and always replace the water every other day or else it will  produce a foul smell.

In 4-7 days, you can see new sprouts of the scallion leaves and you can cut and use it for your cooking. Just cut enough size of its leaves leaving a portion to regrow again.

Growing Scallions in Pot Soil

Growing scallions in a pot is just easy.  Plant the portion of the scallion with the attached roots. When planting, just put single bulb on the pot soil to avoid the scallions being crowded.

You can plant as many bulbs as you want depending on the size of your pot, maintaining a distance of about 3 inches  with each other to allow the scallions to perk up and bloom.

In about 3 weeks to 1 month, your scallions will already perk up.  You can already use some of its leaves in your kitchen.  I personally prefer growing scallions in a pot because its growth is more sustainable.

How to Take Care of Your Planted Scallions

Water it . Just like any other plant, you need to water your scallions. You can sprinkle them with water once or twice a day depending on weather condition.

Cultivate it. Always cultivate your scallions. Loosen up and break the soil in your pot to avoid the soil from hardening.  Hardened soil will make the growth of your scallions stunted.

Mulch it. You can add compost or decaying leaves in the pot where you plant your scallions. You may also use dried peels of fruits you have eaten.

Clean it. Always clean the dried leaves of your scallions by cutting it with scissors.  Remove the dried layer of its skin to make it really bloom.

Technique for DIY Endless Supply of Scallions or Green Onions

Have multiple numbers of pots planted with scallions.  The reason behind is if you use the scallions in one pot, you can use the scallions in the other pot  for your next cooking while giving time for the once you already harvested to regrow.

I personally have 12 pots right now and it is giving me endless supply of scallions, literally.  I have never bought scallions for over 3 years now.

When harvesting your scallions, you can use only the leaves.  Cut off the outer layer leaves and do not cut the entire bulb so that it can easily regrow.

Winning Points of DIY Growing Your Own Green Onions or Scallions

Savings – A big advantage for growing your own scallions is the savings that you will get.  For example, on a weekly basis you buy scallions at P20.00.  In one month that would be P80.00 and in one year that would be P 960.00.

Fresh and organic – You have an endless supply of fresh and organic scallions.  If you buy it in the market, you are not sure if it is applied with chemicals while it is growing.

Saves you time – It saves you time because all you have to do is pick it from your garden when you need it.  No need to run to the store to buy scallions when you are cooking because it is there in your home garden, readily available.

So, let’s grow our own scallions!