This is a step-by-step guide on how to draw Bowser from Super Mario Brothers game.

Bowser who is also known as Koopa, King Bowser is the main antagonist of the Nintendo’s Super Mario franchise.

He often kidnaps Princess Peach who he has unrequited love.

Bowser has a son named Bowser Jr. and had seven children called the Koopalings in the older games of the Super Mario franchise.

how to draw bowser, rayfelk

Step 1- Eyes and Brows

Start with the eyes and brows for this Bowser drawing.

Make a small circle for Bowser’s eyeball followed by another layer outside of it. Draw a symmetrical little curved line below the eyes for his lower eyelid.

Since Bowser is a villain, his face looks always angry. Draw a big letter U between his eyes to reflect his angry facial expression.

Now, put details for his brows and make it symmetrical on top of his eyes.

How to Draw Bowser Step 2- Hair

Next step is to draw the details of his hair.

Draw a wavy three triangles that would be Bowser’s hair.

His hair waves in different directions. The two smaller waves in between the center leans to the right while the center one leans towards the left.

How to Draw Bowser Step 3- Mouth

It is now time to draw Bowser’s mouth.

Make wavy lines reflecting Bowser’s muscled mouth. Then add details to the nose.

Moreover, add details of his open mouth with the u-shaped tongue. Draw wavy triangles for Bowser’s pointed teeth.

How to Draw Bowser Step 4- Body

For this step, you are going to draw Bowser’s body. Make a big semi-circle underneath the chin.

Add horizontal lines on his body. Draw the details of his body by making a line that is parallel to the shape of his body.

How to Draw Bowser Step 5- Feet

For this step, draw the details of the feet, both the right and left feet.

Draw small u-shape lines on the upper part of the feet to give details of his being an anthropomorphic turtle.

How to Draw Bowser Step 6- Arms and Hands

Make details of Bowser’s hands.

Add small circles on his arm braces.

Give details to his fingers by drawing pointed wavy triangles on the tip of the fingers.

How to Draw Bowser Step 7- Horns

For this step, you are going to draw details of Bowser’s horns.

Make a symmetrical wavy triangle on both sides of his head.

8 Finished Bowser Drawing

This is the final drawing of Bowser from super Mario Brothers.

Step 9-Coloring Bowser

For the fun part, you are now going to put on color to Bowser.

As you can see above, Bowser’s hair, tongue and eyebrows are colored red.

The face is green and eyes brown with the eyeballs being black.

His arms and legs has the color mustard yellow.

His body, mouth and horn are colored peach.

You can definitely experiment with your own combination of colors for this drawing. Let’s see how it goes.

Summary on How to Draw Bowser

Step-by-step guide on how to draw wBowser, rayfelk

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