Over the weekend,my two friends and I were feeling hungry and we were around the vicinity of Davao Doctors in Quirino Street.   We were looking for restaurant to eat and we decided to try Tapa King restaurant.    It was my first time to eat at this restaurant so I give it a go.

Tapa King Restaurant

Tapa King Restaurant offers Filipino favorites.  Of course, their bestsellers are the tapa.  Tapa (Filipino cuisine) is dried or cured beef, mutton, venison or horse meat, although other meat or even fish may be used. Filipinos prepare tapa by using thin slices of meat and curing these with salt and spices as a preservation method. Tapa is often cooked fried or grilled.

One of my friends ordered the one offered by the waitress- tapa with sunny-side-up egg and atchara.  I got a single piece of the meat which my friend gave me to taste.  It is just your usual home-made tapa.  Taste better when added with condiments which are readily available on the table.  This order cost only P110 with unlimited rice.

Tasteful Shredded Beef

My other friend ordered the shreeded beef which is dried and cooked to perfection.  My friend let me taste it and I must say it is so delicious.  The beef is well-seasoned and can really boost your appetite.  Good thing there is unlimited rice.

photo credits: tapaking.com.ph

Since I was really hungry and I wanted to binge, I  ordered grilled chicken.  Since it was my first time to eat in this restaurant, I ordered something that I know will really appeal to my taste buds.  I also make it sure that it is big, since they offer unlimited rice.

True enough,  when the waiter gave my order, it was a huge piece of grilled Chicken thigh and leg which is tastefully marinated.  It was good.

Limited choices for Dessert

For dessert, my friends ordered leche flan.  I would have wanted fruit shake but there is none.  I end up ordering mais con yelo but it was not to my liking.  I can still taste of sugar grains and quite disappointed.

Final Thoughts

Tapa King restaurant offers great food that are deliciously prepared.  Their food attendants are also very accommodating and attentive to their clients.  But for a fruit lover like me, it would have been better if they offer fruit choices for dessert.