Regular diet is also called general, normal or full diet, is formerly named DAT (diet as tolerated). A regular diet typically combines a variety of grains, vegetables, fruits, dairy products, and meat, fish and beans. Designed for the adult patient who does not need any dietary modification. Regular Diet - Foods Allowed and Sample Menu

Characteristics of the Regular Diet

  • The diet is aimed at supplying appropriate amounts of calories, protein and other nutrients.
  • May be used in educating the patient in the principles of nutrition by example and basis in providing food the patent is willing and able to eat.
  • The diet calls for careful planning of menu, wise selection and proper preparation of foods as well as attractive service so that it will appeal to patients with relatively poor appetites.
  • The quantity of food selected from each food group should vary depending on the energy needs and preferences of the patient.
  • Serves as a basis for the modification of therapeutic diets in the hospital.

Regular diet may be used for ambulatory patient whose conditions do not require any dietary modification for therapeutic purposes.

Foods Allowed

All foods are allowed with adequate supply of proper nutrients and enough calories to meet a person’s need for energy.

Suggested Meal Pattern and Sample Menu

    • Fruit or juice
    • Egg or substitute
    • Rice or bread
    • Hot beverage

Sample Menu

    • Fresh Fruit in Season
    • Scrambled Egg
    • Rice or bread with butter/margarine or jam
    • Coffee, Tea or Chocolate
    • Soup
    • Meat, fish, poultry, or substitute
    • Vegetable
    • Rice or substitute
    • Fruit or dessert

Sample Menu

    • Chicken Sotanghon Soup
    • Fried Fish (Bangus, Tilapia, etc.)
    • Sayote Guisado
    • Rice
    • Mango, ripe
    • Same as lunch

Sample Menu

    • Beef Nilaga
    • Rice
    • Leche Flan
    • As desired, if necessary

Sample Menu

    • as desired