This is an easy step-by-step guide on how to draw Mario from Super Mario Brothers.

Mario is a popular character of the famous game Super Mario Brothers. Well, he is the lead character of the game jumping over obstacles and surviving against enemies that goes against his way to win the game.

Many are a fan of Mario. We are happy to share this easy step by step guide on how you can draw your favorite character Mario in easy drawing flow.

How to Draw Mario: Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1. Nose

First, let us begin with Mario’s nose. Draw an oblong.

Step 2. Eyes and Brows

Next step is to draw Mario’s eyes and brows on top of his nose.

Mario’s eyes has 3 layers of oblongs. The first layer is his pupil followed by the iris and cornea.

On top of his eyes are his thick curving eye brows.

Step 3. Mustache and Mouth

Draw wavy lines that resembles a mustache. Then draw the mouth below the mustache.

4. Hat

On this step, you are going to draw the hat. Make a curve line on top of his head. Make a semi-circle in front of the hat and the letter M.

Add the details of the tip of the hat.

5. Face and Ears

Now, it is time to add details to the frame of his face including the ears.

Add a few small lines on the inside of the ear to appear realistic.

6. Overall straps

Next step is to draw the overall straps both left and right. Make a circular design at the lower portion of the straps that will become the button.

7. Body – Easy How to Draw Mario

Now it is time to have the details of the body.

Draw a line on both sides with a little curve and do the lines of the overall at the breast area.

8. Arms and Hands

Next is to draw the arms and hands. His right arm is on his waist so make a curve line that looks like an elbow.

Next is the arms with the hands and index finger pointing at something.

9. Left Leg

Now, it is time to draw the left leg and the shoes.

10. Right Leg

This is the step to draw the left leg and shoes opposite the right one.

11. Finished Mario Drawing

We have now a finished drawing of Super Mario.

12. Coloring Mario

This is the last step and funniest part of our how to draw Mario guide. Putting on color to make it lovely and vibrant.

You can start with the hat. Color it red including the letter M but leave the circle around letter M, just white to emphasize the letter.

Color his hair is brown and mustache black. His facial skin is beige and tongue red.

Going down, his clothes is color red. Use color blue for his overall with color yellow on its button.

Now color his shoes brown and use lighter brown for the wedge of his shoes for a lovely, monochromatic color.

If you like, you can do shading to make this drawing more beautiful.

You are done drawing Mario.

How to draw Mario, rayfelk

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Summary of the steps on How to Draw Mario

Step-by-step guide to draw Mario from Super Mario Brothers.