You will find in this article cute animal kawaii coloring pages for your fun coloring.

Animals are lovely and cute. Our usual pet animals at home are cats and dogs.

Some farm animals are useful for the farmers. Some reside in the wild and they are necessary for a balanced ecosystem in our environment.

Are your favorite animals make it on our list?

Check them out!

animal kawaii coloring pages, rayfelk

Cat Kawaii Coloring Sheet

First on our collection is an adorable cat kawaii coloring page.

It has lovely eyes and cheeks.

Its pretty tail swerves upward and you can see its cute paws. Get coloring this cute printable now!

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cat kawaii coloring page, rayfelk

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Axolotl Kawaii Coloring Page

This axolotl kawaii coloring sheet looks super cute.

It has small legs and hands and a lovely eyes.

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axolotl kawaii coloeing page, rayfelk, animal kawaii coloring page

Princess Frog Kawaii Coloring Page

This is a Princess frog kawaii coloring page.

Look at those lovely eyes and the cute crown on her head.

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princess frog kawaii coloring page, rayfelk

Dog Kawaii Coloring Page

This is a lovely dog kawaii coloring page.

It looks like this dog is in a party as it is wearing a party hat.

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dog kawaii coloring page, rayfelk

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Kawaii Frog Coloring Sheet

A huge Kawaii frog coloring sheet for you to color.

It has huge eyes and looks adorable.

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kawaii frog coloring page, rayfelk

Sloth Coloring Page

This is a Sloth coloring page.

It has big bulging eyes and it is atop a branch of a tree.

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sloth kawaii coloring page, rayfelk

Wolf Kawaii Coloring Page

At first glance you would not think it is a wolf because it is cute. However, it is a pretty wolf kawaii coloring sheet.

It is holding an ice cream with cherry on top.

It has the prettiest eyes. Enjoy coloring this sweet and lovely wolf.

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wolf kawaii coloring page, rayfelk

Panda Coloring Page

This panda kawaii coloring page is awesome.

It has beautiful eyes and a ribbon on its head.

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panda kawaii coloring page, rayfelk

Camel Animal Kawaii Coloring Page

Next on our list is a cute camel kawaii coloring page.

It sits on the ground waiting for someone to ride him. Do you want atop his back? How are you going to color this cutie?

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camel kawaii coloring page, rayfelk

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Narwhal Kawaii Coloring Page

One of the cutest in our collection is this narwhal kawaii coloring sheet. It has a unicorn head and a lovely tail.

This coloring sheet has bubbles all over it.

Have fun coloring!

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narwhal kawaii coloring page, rayfelk