Do you love free printable coloring pages? Do you like dinosaurs? Well, if you do, this free dinosaur coloring pages is perfect for you.

free dinosaur coloring pages by rayfelk

This lovely collection of dinosaur coloring pages will bring and transport you to the Mesozoic era or age of dinosaurs.

You will surely enjoy these printable dinosaur coloring pages pdf. From simple and cute dinosaurs to the ones you can see in the Jurassic World movie, you got it.

1. Indominous Rex Coloring Page

Meet this familiar-looking Indominous Rex in our coloring page collection. This huge creature is the main antagonist of the film Jurassic World.

In the movie Jurassic World, Indominous Rex is a man-made dinosaur made by combining the genome of a T-rex with a velociraptor.

Go on and download this Indominous Rex free coloring printable pdf and enjoy coloring especially that ferocious looking face.

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2. Tyrannosaurus Rex Coloring Page

Tyrannosaurus Rex, often called T-Rex was one of the most ferocious predators to ever walk on Earth.

T-Rex name means King of the Tyrant Lizards. It is a member of the Tyrannosauroidea family of big predatory dinosaurs with small arms and two-fingered hands.

This creature is known to be huge, the size can be comparable to a school bus and powerful.

However, for this free downloadable printable, it looks cute and have that face with a surprised look.

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3. Cute Dinosaur Coloring Page

Not all dinosaurs are looking ferocious and tyrant after all. This dinosaur is cute and adorable.

It has a smiling, friendly face and big eyes. It also has lovely scales on its body. Enjoy this printable coloring page!

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4. Free Preschool Dinosaur Printable

This free printable baby dinosaur is great for your preschooler kid. It has cute limbs and attractive scales.

Look at those twinkling eyes! It simply is adorable.

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5. Pterodactyl Coloring Page

Pterodactyl belongs to the order Pterosauria which includes all flying reptiles in the Mesozoic era.

This creatures are actually not dinosaurs but they are a distant dinosaur cousin.

This pterodactyl free printable coloring page is spreading its wings, as if trying to prepare to fly.

It has long beak and two-fingered hands and has a lovely eyes. What a cutie. Download and color it now!

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6. Triceratops Coloring Page to print and Color

Triceratops are known for their 3 horns in the face and frill bone at the top of their skull. They lived in the late cretaceous era, about 66 million years ago.

They are often portrayed to use their horn to protect themselves from contemporary dinosaurs such as the T-rex.

This triceratops print and color free printable is a baby and cute one. It has an innocent look and so charming.

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7. Spinosaurus Coloring Page

Spinosaurus are the largest known dinosaur, bigger and heavier than the tyrannosaurus.

They are spined reptiles and have that sail back feature, hence their name.

Enjoy coloring this free to print and color spinosaurus coloring page.

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8. Velociraptor Coloring Page

Velociraptors flourished in Eastern and Central Asia, about 99 million years ago in the late cretaceous period.

They were feathered animals and grow up about the size of a wolf, approximately 100 pounds.

Scientists believed that velociraptors preyed on reptiles and small mammals.

This free to print and color velociraptor coloring page is cute and lovely. It is walking and opens its mouth. Get coloring this dino now!

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9. Gigantosaurus Coloring Page

Gigantosaurus is popular because of a TV series that is named after it. In reality, the gigantosaurus is a huge herbivore dinosaur.

They walk in their 2 powerful large legs.

Imagine and bring yourself to the prehistoric world and get coloring this free gigantosaurus coloring pdf.

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10. Stegosaurus Coloring Page

Stegosaurus are plant eating dinosaurs that lived during the late Jurassic period, about 159 years ago.

They have small brains and their front legs are smaller than the hind ones that make their arched back appearance.

This stegosaurus coloring page is pretty and adorable, with that distinct diamond-like plates at the back and spiked tails.

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