Free word search printable puzzles that are fun to do. They are educational puzzles that will help kiddies identify new words and enrich their vocabulary.

How to Answer Word Search Printable Puzzle

  • Look for the given words at the bottom of the word puzzle sheet.
  • Work on the words one by one. Look at the starting letters of the words and the letters next to it.
  • You can spot the words in any position or form – vertical, horizontal, forward, backward, diagonal.
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Christmas Word Search Printable

The first word search puzzle in our collection is the Christmas word search printable.

Christmas is one of the best and happiest holidays of the year. You usually look forward to it with much joy and anticipation.

To add more fun and good vibes to the celebration, we are giving away this free Christmas word printable.

The words that you need to search on this puzzle are gingerbread, tree, mistletoe, reindeer, Rudolph, elf, snowman, gift, caroling, bells, stocking, Christmas, holiday, star and sleigh.

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Christmas word search puzzle, word search printable, free word find printables, rayfelk

Fruits Word Search

This is a fruit word search puzzle. You will find various kinds of fruits on the puzzle. Hopefully, you love these fruits as they are yummy and healthy too!

You can find the words like apple, strawberry, banana, pineapple, orange, watermelon, papaya, mango, peach, mandarin, durian, avocado, cherry, kiwi, and grapes.

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fruits word search puzzle, rayfelk, free word find printables

Sea Animals Word Search

The vast ocean in the world is full of creatures that are fun to know. You will find various sea animals on this word puzzle and have fun looking out for them.

Words to search are crab, seal, octopus, walrus, fish, lobster, starfish, oyster, otter, shrimp, dolphin, squid, seagull, clams, jellyfish.

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Sharks in the Sea Word Search

There are numerous kinds of sharks in the sea and you will know some of them through this word puzzle game.

Words to find are white shark, blacktip shark, bull shark, zebra shark, Carcharhinus, Somniosus, Catshark, hammerheads, Goblin shark, spiny dogfish.

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Vegetables that are fruits word search

There are various vegetables that are considered fruits too and those are the ones we are going to look up on this puzzle.

Words to search are tomatoes, pepper, pumpkin, cucumber, peas, eggplant, chayote, okra, olives, bitter gourd.

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Fish word search

There are lots of various kinds and species of fishes in the ocean. They come in different colors and sizes too. Have fun searching for the fish words on this puzzle.

Words to search: anchovy, dory, carp, eel, flounder, halibut, haddock, marlin, mullet, mackerel, swordfish, snapper, trout, tuna, sea bass.

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Flower Word search

Flowers are lovely to see especially in the spring and summer. They bloom year-round too in tropical places. Do you like some of the flowers in this flower word search? Have fun searching for them in this free printable.

Words to find: aster, azalea, begonia, caladium, catmint, daffodil, gardenia, hyacinth, lantana, lilac, marigold, pansy, peony, petunia, sunflower.

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Gardening Word Search

If you like gardening, you are most likely familiar of the words we are going to look at this gardening word search free printable.

Words to find: bed, sow, plant, hedge, organic, seed, weed, uproot, pick, harvest, watering, planter, repot, trellis, prune. Have fun!

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Human body parts word search

When you are young, you are thought by your parents to point with your cute hands that body parts they say.

It is now time for you to look at those human body parts in this free body parts word search puzzle.

Words to look for: nose, eyes, hands, arms, fingers, tongue, elbow, forehead, feet, knee, eyebrow, kidney, pancreas, intestine, tooth.

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Winter Word Search

Winter time is great for those who love the season but can be glooming for those places with long and harsh winters.

It is time to enjoy looking for the words related to winter in this free word search puzzle.

Words to find: cold, freezing, jacket, boots, mittens, beanie, fireplace, ice skates, snowfall, heating, snowboard, stove, winter log, bonfire, hot cocoa. Enjoy and have fun!

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