Dog is said to be man’s best friend and it is rightly so. They are adorable and loyal creatures who welcome you home with their wiggling tails. If you are a dog lover, then you will surely adore this collection of dog coloring pages with various drawings and pictures of dog for your fun coloring.

dog coloring pages, rayfelk

Dog Coloring Pages

Check out these free to print dog coloring pages. Choose the ones you like and have fun coloring!

1.Cute Husky coloring Page

This is a coloring sheet of a cute husky dog winking his one eye. Huskies are thickly coated with fur and mostly medium-sized.

They are usually found in polar regions and known to work as sled dogs. They usually wok in a pack and they are adorable. Get coloring this free printable husky now.

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Cute husky coloring page, husky picture to color, rayfelk

2. Husky Puppy coloring Pages

This is a free coloring picture to color of a husky puppy. Feel free to print and color it now.

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husky puppy coloring page, puppy picture, rayfelk

3.Corgi Coloring Page

Corgi is a type of herding dog that are nice family dogs. When I hear of a corgi, I automatically remember the late Queen Elizabeth as her dogs are of this breed.

Do you like corgi? Get coloring this lovely dog and have fun!

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corgi coloring page, rayfelk, corgi picture to color

4.Simple Corgi Coloring Page

Another drawing of corgi dog that you are free to print and color. Be creative in your coloring of this dog.

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corgi coloring page, rayfelk

5. Corgi in Christmas Costume Coloring Page

This is a coloring page of a corgi in Christmas costume coloring page. Enjoy coloring!

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6.Basset Hound Coloring Page

Basset hound dogs are known to be large and originally bred to hunt hare. They have big ears and mournful looking eyes.

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basset hound coloring page, rayfelk, basset hound picture to color

7.Beagle Coloring Pages

Beagles are adorable dogs that are known to be happy, lovable with ears that are long and droopy.

They are good family dogs. Feel free to print and color this beagle dog and enjoy coloring!

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beagle coloring page, rayfelk, beagle picture

8.Bulldog coloring Pages

Bulldogs are bred in Britain for use in fighting bulls or bullbaiting. They are medium in size but very courageous and muscled.

Get coloring this bulldog printable coloring PDF sheet and have fun.

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bulldog coloring page, rayfelk, bulldog picture to color

9.Chihuahua Coloring Page

Chihuahua is a small dog that has a terrier demeanor and of Merican descent. It is a toy dog and one of the smallest dog breeds.

Do you like chihuahua? If you do, feel free to download, print and color this chihuahua printable coloring page.

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Chihuahua Coloring Page, rayfelk, chihuahua picture to color

10. Border Collie Coloring Page

Border Collie is a medium-size herding dog. It is considered as one of the most intelligent dog breeds.

If you live border collie dogs, you can print and color this free coloring sheet.

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border collie coloring page, rayfelk, border collie picture to color

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