A fun and interesting types of bread word search with fifteen words to find.

Bread is consumed by a lot of people all over the world.

There are a lot of types depending on the country you live.

What is your favorite type of bread?

Is your favorite included in the word bank of this word find puzzle?

Check out the puzzle and you will surely have fun answering this word search puzzle.

Words to Find

There are 15 words to find in this word search puzzle. You can find them below.

  • baguette
  • bagel
  • brioche
  • naan
  • challah
  • tortilla
  • focaccia
  • ciabatta
  • breadstick
  • croissant
  • chapati
  • crumpet
  • broa
  • pretzel
  • biscuit
types of bread word search puzzle, rayfelk

How to Print this Word Search

Join our community to freely download the word search printable.

Download the printable and print it using your home printer.

You can then go on answering the puzzle.

How to Answer this Word Search

Check the words at the word bank at the bottom of the puzzle sheet.

Check and look for the words in the puzzle. You can locate then either downward, upward, forward, backward, and diagonal.

You may mark the words that you are done answering as you go along with the puzzle.

Have fun answering this puzzle.