Penong’s Restaurant Fiesta Plate is great for any celebration with family, friends, colleagues and associates.

One of our business associates is going to Canada. We celebrated for their family’s despidida or farewell party the other day.

His family invited all his business associates and we were happy to join the party because it would take a long time that we will be able to re-unite and see them again.

When our group has get-together, we usually have a potluck with our food.  This time around, this business associate told the group that the food is on him.  We do not have to bring anything.

Well, if we bring food, then its okay.  But if we don’t, its perfectly all right.

penongs fiesta plate, rayfelk
Penong’s Fiesta Plate

Some of our friends arrive at the venue earlier.  They wanted to start early because there are a lot of catching up to do.  I also arrived earlier because I tried to evade the traffic and I miss them as well.  Its been a long time since we last see each other.

Then the celebrator asked one of our friends via messenger for the exact address of our office, which is the venue.  Our other friend was wondering why would he ask our exact office address. He must have known it.

I then surmised that maybe he  has somebody deliver food at the office.  Our other friend joked that there will be a lechon  delivered to us.

True enough, after few minutes of chit-chatting, a delivery boy handed us two  big baskets of grilled food.  It came from Penong’s restaurant.

What Foods are in Penong’s Restaurant Fiesta Plate

Food in this fiesta plate consist of grilled pork, chicken inasal, grilled chorizo, pork barbecue.  At the center you will find slices of tomatoes with slices of salted egg along with atchara (papaya preserved).  It is good for 6-8 people.  Not bad for a price of Php1300.

Penong’s restaurant pride itself for having the best barbecue in the city.  They are also offering unlimited rice at their restaurant.  This Penong’s Restaurant Fiesta Plate is a must try if you are a group.  Your cravings for deliciously cooked barbecue and grilled goodies will surely be satisfied.