Christmas Cat Coloring Pages for the holidays!

Christmas is one of the most anticipated and joyful holidays in a year.

Cats are one of the most adorable fur babies that we love in our homes.

What better way to have fun for the holiday season for the kids than making them enjoy coloring these Christmas Cat Coloring Pages!


Christmas Cat Coloring Pages Free Printables

1. Cat with Santa hat on his head

A lovely cutie cat with pretty Santa hat.

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2. Cat with Santa hat dressed like Little Red Riding Hood

Cat dressed like Little Red Riding Hood wearing Santa hat.

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3. Cat in a Christmas ball

A cat in Christmas ball coloring page.

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4. Cat with Christmas lights in his body

A coloring page of Cat with Christmas lights entwined in his body.

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5. Cat wearing Santa Claus outfit

A cutie cat wearing Santa Claus dress.

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6. Smiling cat with a reindeer horn

A lovely Cutie cat with a reindeer horn.

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7. Two Cats with Christmas gifts

Two pretty kitty cats with Christmas gifts.

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8. Cat  in a Christmas Wreath

A cutie cat gazing from a Christmas Wreath.

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9. Cat in a Sleigh with Gifts

A coloring page drawing of a cat riding in a sleigh with Christmas gifts.

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10. Cat inside a gift box

An adorable cat in a Christmas gift box.

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How to Use these Christmas Cat coloring Pages

For Christmas Party for Kids.  You can use this coloring pages during kid’s Christmas party.  You can have it part of one of your fun activities.

For Christmas family get together.  When you have family get-togethers, you will need something that the kiddies can work on to keep their attention and keep them from getting bored.

Give them these coloring pages and make them have fun coloring!

While waiting for  Christmas Eve.  You need to do something while waiting for the Christmas eve and these can be one of the things that you can do.

This Christmas themed coloring pages will surely add fun to your holidays.

Have a fun-filled and grace-filled holiday celebrations!

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Disclosure: These coloring page materials are drawn by Ray and Kaye. You can utilize these free printable materials for personal use only. Moreover, teachers may use these materials for educational purposes. Selling them for monetary gains is prohibited without the written consent of the authors of  For questions, feel free to contact us at mod.rayfelk at gmail dot com.