This is a collection of cute and lovely Easter coloring pages.

Easter coloring pages, rayfelk

Easter is celebrated in the Christian World every year.

This is celebrated during the Holy Week during the passion of Christ.

Easter celebrates the resurrection of Christ. It is a celebration of life over death.

Easter coloring pages printables are fun activities for children during the Easter.

1.Easter Bunny with Easter egg and chicks.

This cute coloring page is an Easter bunny with Easter eggs.

It also has three chicks in front and embellished with flowers.

You can color the flowers with vibrant hues to make it pop out.

Have fun coloring!

easter bunny with easter egg coloring page, rayfelk

2. Easter Bunny with cute designs of eggs

This Easter bunny coloring sheet has cute designs.

It holds a basket full of Easter eggs with lovely designs.

How are you going to color this coloring sheet? Enjoy!

easter bunny coloring sheet, rayfelk

3. Cute Bunny Holding an Egg Coloring Page

This is a cute and lovely bunny coloring page.

It has lovely, twinkling eyes, holding a lovely egg.

This coloring page is surely a fun one to color.

cute bunny coloring page, rayfelk

4. Easter Bunny with Flowers

This is an Easter bunny holding a basket full of Easter eggs.

It has two pots with flowers.

The background is a cute house with a chimney.

You can make this coloring page lovely by coloring it with vibrant colors.

easter bunny with flowers, rayfelk

5. Lovely Bunny with egg and leaves

A lovely bunny holding an easter egg.

It is embellished with leaves on the side.

Enjoy coloring this Easter printable coloring sheet.

easter bunny coloring page, rayfelk

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6. Easter Bunny Holding an Egg with a vase of Flower

Another lovely Easter coloring page is this Easter Bunny holding an egg.

It has a vase full of flowers on the side.

easter bunny coloring page, rayfelk

7. Pretty Bunny with Bow in its Head

This is a pretty bunny with bow in its head coloring page.

It has hearts on the side and has lovely Easter eggs.

bunny coloring page, rayfelk

8. Adorable Bunny Coloring Pages

Next on our collection is an adorable bunny coloring page.

It has lots of embellishments all over the sheet like flowers and eggs.

This bunny has the loveliest eyes. Check it out.

adorable bunny coloring page, rayfelk

9. Cute Bunny with Egg and Flowers Coloring Sheet

This is a cute bunny with egg and flowers coloring page.

This bunny has a lovely ribbon on his head.

The Easter egg is beautifully designed.

cute easter bunny with egg coloring page, rayfelk

10. Bunny with Carrot and Egg Coloring Page

This is bunny with carrot and egg coloring page.

How are you going to color this printable?

Easter Bunny coloring page, rayfelk