Ginger  Plant is one of the spices I grow in my garden.  It  is one of the spices that I love.  Ginger is a must have in the kitchen and great for the salads, soups and lots of recipes.

Ginger can just be grown easily.   I have several pots that I am planting with ginger and they are now blooming.

How to Plant Ginger

When I plant ginger, I just buy ginger root in the super market.  I then soak in water and in a few days, roots will grow and eventually grow into rhizomes.  I then transfer it to the pot where I plant them permanently.

I put a garden soil in the pot and bury the ginger rhizomes in about 1 inch of the soil, with its shoots pointing upward.  This style of planting has a very huge chance of growing.  I have also tried putting a ginger thumb directly to the soil and they grow as well.

Ginger needs a lot of moisture so water it regularly and its best to put mulch around it to retain its moisture.  You can harvest it when the leaves have gone dry but as early as 4 months, you can get few from its roots by just getting a thumb or two on the side.

Health Benefits of Ginger

According to Healthline, ginger has a number of proven heath benefits. It has medicinal properties such as it can treat nausea especially those pregnant women with morning sickness, it reduces muscle pain, it lowers blood sugars and improve heart disease factors to name a few.

It is no wonder that salabat or ginger tea is very famous nowadays and some even substitute their morning coffee with it.

Why I Plant My Own Ginger

Aside from the fact that ginger has a lot of proven medical benefits, I plant my own ginger because it is indispensable in my kitchen and if I produce it myself, I will be able to save.

Prices of ginger is skyrocketing in my place due to its low supply and having a plant that can rescue me with my kitchen needs without shelling out cash is indeed awesome.