Do you like animals? How about coloring pages? If you do, you are in for a treat as we have this collection of cute and lovely animals coloring pages.

Animals are awesome. They are loyal and can be your best friend too.

If you have pet animals like dogs and cats, you might have experienced joy in having them.

They are cuddly, lovely and a great companion to have.

Cat Coloring Pages (120)

We have numerous free cat coloring pages published on this website.

Dinosaur (10)

Dinosaurs are cute and many love coloring them.

Dog (10)

Dog is considered as man’s best friend. They are cute, cuddly and super loyal.

They bring happiness to the family and the whole household if you have them.

Duck (10)

Duck are lovely to look at especially when they are swimming in the river or lake.

They look so lovely as well when they have babies with them.

Horse (50)

Horses are so useful especially in a farm. You can make them pull a carriage or a buggy.

They are so strong that you can make them carry heavy things. They are intelligent creatures and you can train them too.

How you can Make Animal Coloring Book Page

The different animals featured on this collection has plenty of coloring pages inside them.

Minimum in each animal is ten but there are those collections that are over a hundred.

So, you can definitely make a coloring book out of them.

Simply download the free animal printable coloring pages that you like.

Then print them in long size bond paper. The good thing about these printable coloring pages is that you can print them as much as you want.

Now, you can compile what you have printed and make it into a coloring book. How awesome is that!